Of the many things in life that are worth being passionate about, there are a few on which my life seems to focus: cooking, writing, and education on health and human rights. This blog is a place where these passions get together for a bite to eat.

I worked for several years in the kitchen of the Rochester Zen Center. I learned while working there that cooking calls upon us to develop deep intimacy with the ingredients, to listen to them and let them guide us through the entire cooking process. Bell peppers are the soprano to onions’ deep tenor; fresh cherries are a waltz, dried cherries a Bob Dylan tune. Each requires a different dance. The limits and possibilities of every canister, bag, and bottle must become such a deep aspect of the cook’s self that cooking can be done in a realm beyond thought, beyond fear, beyond doubt.

I currently work as a cook and baker at Lori’s Natural Foods, where we focus on vegetarian, gluten-free, and raw foods. I am privileged and honored to be able to prepare food for a living. Food preparation is not just chopping, stirring, measuring, seasoning, baking, and sautéing. It is an offering of the gift of life to all who partake in the finished foodstuffs that continues long after the timer goes off, the cooling is completed, and the meal has been eaten. It becomes an integral aspect of the continuing life of whoever eats it. Food is a gift and a treasure. There isn’t a spiritual lesson in the world that cannot be found in food: generosity, compassion, mortality, attention, and sacrifice are right before us.

My recipes focus on foods that are in season and available locally from where I live in upstate NY… but with occasional voyages into truly decadent and inexcusable foodstuffs. The musings that accompany the recipes are for entertainment purposes only. AND… Starting in 2013, all of the recipes posted will be Paleo and Primal friendly!

To make requests regarding ingredients, cooking techniques, or recipes for future posts, please email me at transgustatory@gmail.com.


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